NCSF 2016 Consent Summit

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom does some great work in the political, legal, and medical areas concerning BDSM. While I don't agree with everything and everyone involved, I do admire their overall mission and goals, and these videos are important no matter your standpoint on the issues discussed. I'm providing this page to spread the word and provide alternate files.

I have posted the NCSF YouTube videos here, and converted them to MP3 files for listening to in the car, etc. You can click the "Download" link for the MP3 in a very compressed Variable Bit Rate file since the original audio track was voice only and pretty low quality to begin with. In addition the Plenary has ~20 seconds of dead air at the start in the original video and it's present in the MP3 also.

The State of Consent Plenary Susan Wright gave the State of Consent Plenary for a sold out crowd of over 100 people at the NCSF Consent Summit on April 23rd at the Center for Sex Positive Culture. The State of Consent Plenary explores consent and the movements for social change that have fought against sexual violence.
Consent & the Law Legal and policy experts discussed issues related to Federal and state laws involving consent to sexual activities, including those used to criminally prosecute consensual BDSM. Presenters (from left): Robyn Friedman, Rudy Serra, Judy Guerin, Riddhi Mukhopadhyay and Dick Cunningham.
Consent Activism: Past, Present and Future Consent activists who are making a difference in their own communities discuss their current projects, what's in the works, and how you can get involved. Presenters (clockwise from top left): Tobi Hill-Meyer, Tristan Taormino, Susan Wright, Mercy Stackhouse, Doris O'Neal, Kitty Stryker and Ashley Haymond.
Affirmative Consent & College Campuses "Yes means Yes" is replacing the old paradigm of "No means No" on college campuses and in state assault laws. What does that mean for you? Presenters (from left): Rudy Serra, Ruby B. Johnson, Robyn Friedman, Cassie Lawrence, Dick Cunningham and Judy Guerin.